DataForm is not persisting SET (one-to-many) mapping.

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DataForm is not persisting SET (one-to-many) mapping.

Hi guys, I have this scenario:

1. I have a ListView displaying persistent items.
2. I have a colum that has a link called "edit" which open a ModalWindow
3. I have a DataForm with a HibernateObjectModel containing the object selected from the list.
4. User makes changes to a TEMP set, then when the form is submitted via ajax I addAll the TEMP set to a set in my persistent object, and I never updates when user an intermediary set, but it does when making it directly to the set (i.e. not using a TEMP set)
5. But still If i use a TEMP and it submit the form it updates the object in memory, and If I reopen it and hit submit again it does it.

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